coco peat in hydroponics
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Hydroponic is a gardening solution for those who don’t have land or soil. Most hydroponic gardeners use mineral wool, growstone, perlite, or sand for growing media. Yet, the cost is expensive and some of them are difficult to find. Coco peat is a good alternative. Gardeners choose coco peat in hydroponics gardening not only because it is cheap and easy to find. The explanation below will ensure you use this medium.  

It is Suitable for All Growing Phases 

Unlike mineral wool, coco peat is suitable for all growing phases. You can use this medium from the seed while waiting for it to sprout. Let the plant grow until it has leaves. You don’t even need to move it to the soil while waiting for the harvest time. Coco peat makes your hydroponic gardening method simpler and more pleasant to do. It is also perfect for gardeners who have little time to take care of their plants. They can let the plants grow and check it at least once a week. The most important thing is that the plants get all the nutrition they need to grow optimally. 

It is Resistant to Bacterial and Fungal 

The harvest percentage is bigger when you are using coco peat as a growing medium. The plants are also healthier and stronger. One of the reasons is that coco peat has substrates that allow bacteria and fungi to grow. In case there are bacteria and fungus attack, they can’t grow longer. The substrates will kill them right away.  

coco peat in hydroponics

Coco Peat in Hydroponics Keeps Roots Get Enough Water and Nutrition 

Coco peat in hydroponics is so critical. It is because of the characteristics of the coco peat. For example, roots need enough water and nutrition to grow maximally. The plants look withered when the roots can’t reach the water in the hydroponic system. It may happen when you forget to add water to the system. You don’t need to worry about it when using coco peat in hydroponics as a growing medium. Coco peat can hold water longer than other media. This medium can even hold eight to nine times water than its weight. It means that your plants still get enough water even if the root can’t reach the water. This medium helps a lot of you are late to add water to the hydroponics system.

It Supplies Nutrients and Oxygen to the Plants 

As its ability to store water and nutrients, coco peat in hydroponics can also release it anytime roots need it. It is the reason why some plants look healthy for a few days in the wet coco peat. Plus, this medium also has oxygen properties. Water, nutrients, and oxygen are three crucial things for healthy root development.  

Coco Peat Hydroponics is an Economic Option 

Don’t underestimate its texture and appearance. You will be surprised by its durability. Imagine that you can use this medium for planting a few times. All you have to do is hydrate the coco peat brick. Then, you can start putting some seeds there and let them sprout.  

Now, you know the importance of coco peat in hydroponics. It can be a good alternative in case it is hard to find other growing medium for your hydroponics system. In the end, you can still grow some plants and harvest them. 

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