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Do you want to use coco peat for your hydroponics system? If so, you must learn first about the best coco peat to use. You will find a variety of coco peat products in the market. It offers similar benefits. Yet, you must be selective before buying it. As a result, you get the right one and grow your plants well. 

Check the Best Coco Peat pH 

You should check the content information on the package before buying a coco peat product. The first thing you should read is the pH level. Ensure that you buy a coco peat product with 5.5 to 6.5 pH. This best coco peat is ideal for all types of plants, especially vegetables. It is better not to buy coco peat with a higher or lower pH level. You still have to mix it with additional medium to complete the compounds plants need in case using it. Indeed, you should also neutralize the pH so it is suitable for the plants to grow. Choosing the wrong coco peat product will disturb the growing phase. The plants can also slowly die. 

Choose the Pure Coco Peat Product 

Some coco peat products are pure. It means that this product is made of 100 percent coco peat. Some others are a mixture of coco peat and other materials. Consider buying the pure product for your growing medium. You don’t know yet whether your plants need the substrates on the mixture. At the same time, a ready-to-use pure coco peat product often passes a variety of tests. It ensures that the product is free from contaminants, pathogens, and even weeds. So, you don’t put the plants in danger. The most important thing is that the plants will produce fresh crops you can enjoy soon. 

best coco peat

Ensure the Coco Peat is Well-Hydrated 

Having a hydrated best coco peat product is critical. It is a sign that you get the best coco peat. Open the package once you receive it. Then, check whether the coco peat expands or not. A high-quality coco peat often expands up to eight times its original volume. It is because the manufacturers hydrate the coco peat maximally. If it is not, the coco peat can be wet and moist.   

Check The Texture and Color of the Coco Peat 

Fresh and hydrated coco peat has a light brown color. The texture is still durable and can’t easily crumble when you are pressing it. Some coco peat products may be a little bit darker. The color difference can be because of the mixture on the package. Try to compare the color of pure coco peat and mixed coco peat to know the exact difference. Some products are stored in storage for too long. As a result, it looks hydrated but also easily crumbles. Avoid this type of product. Take the fresh one to get everything your plant needs. So, only because coco peat is a natural material doesn’t mean that they are the same. As a gardener, you must understand the characteristics of the best coco peat. It is critical for the growth of your plants. You will be so happy watching the seeds sprout, grow, and produce some crops for you, right? 

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