coco peat coco coir
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When it comes to growing a medium for plants, there are many options you can choose from, and two of the most popular are coconut products from coconut which are coco peat coco coir. Both are essentially good for growing plants, but if you’re torn between them, here’s the difference between coco peat coco coir to help you make a choice.

How They’re Made

The first difference between coco peat coco coir is how they’re made from coconut. Coco peat is made from coconut husks that has been ground into fine powder, mixed with water and then become small pellets. You can use coco peat as a potting mix because it can retain moisture and increase the quality of the soil. It is also famous because it’s eco-friendly.

While coco peat is made from coconut husks, coco pair is made from coconut fibers or also known as coconut coir. Just like coco peat, you can use coco pair as a potting mix to grow plants, it is also eco-friendly and sustainable. But the biggest advantage of this material is that it’s less likely to compact, with this quality, your plants will have better aeration and drainage.

coco peat coco coir

Pros and Cons of Coco Peat Coco Coir

Both materials are good for growing plant medium, so knowing pros and cons of each one will help you to make a decision. The pros of coco peat are, it has the quality of moisture retention, rich of nutrients, and great aeration. Coco peat is good both for indoor or outdoor plants, and can improve the quality of clay soil. While the con is, coco peat tends to compact over time, which will reduce its effectiveness.

While coco coir has almost the exact qualities of coco peat. Both coco peat and coco coir are great for the environment because it’s sustainable and eco-friendly, and both are good for indoors or outdoors plants. But its biggest pro is that unlike coco peat, coco coir wouldn’t compact over time. The con of coco coir is it offers less nutrients than coco peat and will limit effectiveness in certain plants.

Other Qualities

The raw material of coco peat coco coir are coconuts, but coco peat is made from the husks while coco coir is made from the fibers. This makes their textures different, coco peat is fluffy and light, while coco coir is more fibrous and coarse.

The colors of these two materials are also different, coco peat will look light brown or even white, while coco coir is brown or reddish-brown. The pH levels are also a little bit different, coco peat has neutral pH level and coco coir is slightly acidic.

If we are talking about capabilities, both coco peat and coco coir are excellent. Coco peat can hold water a little bit better than coco coir while coco coir is better than coco peat in the aspects of aeration and drainage.

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