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Indonesiacocofiber.com is an official commercial website of PT. Visi Arlion Internasional, a subsidiary of PT. D&W Internasional, established in 2005. With their brand product named Stone Depot, PT. D&W Internasional has been providing high-quality stone products for the export market, servicing to commercial projects such as hotels, villas, and residential buildings.

Recognizing the potential of Indonesia as the largest coconut producer in the world, PT. Visi Arlion Internasional started export of Coconut derivatives such as cocopeat, cocofiber, cocorope, coir mulch, and other coconut-related products under the brand name Indococo in 2021.

Export of Coconut Derivatives

Our Focus is to reduce coconut husk waste and enhance environmental sustainability by transforming it into high-quality and useful products. With the establishment of our company, we are committed to producing goods with the highest standards while maintaining our values of sustainability and eco-friendliness. We aim to be pioneers in converting waste into something valuable and to make a positive contribution to our local and global environment.

Coir Fiber Indonesia For Export

We were honored to receive an award in Indonesia’s marketing industry, recognizing our dedication to delighting consumers. Marketing Magazine presented us with the “Best International Marketing 2016” award, competing against big companies like Astra International, Kalbe Farma, Lippo Group, and others.

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