Coco Coir Pots

Coco Coir Pots / Coco Pot

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Coco Coir Pots or Coco Pot is commonly used as a planter for growing plants such as herbs, flowers, succulents, and small vegetables. It is particularly popular among eco-conscious gardeners because it is made from natural, renewable coconut coir or fiber, and is biodegradable, making it an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic planters.

Coco Pot has excellent drainage and provides plants with a well-draining growing environment. Because it is biodegradable, it can be planted directly into the ground, eliminating the need to remove the plant from the pot before planting. Coco Pot is also a popular choice for indoor plants and can be used as a decorative planter for homes and offices.

  • Type : Press, Woven, Wiremesh
  • Press Shape : Square, Rectangle, Circle, Half Circle, Hexagon, Basket, and Others
  • Woven Shape : Square, Rectangle, Circle, Half Circle, Hexagon, Cone, Basket, and Others
  • Wiremesh Shape : Squre, Rectangle, Circle, Half Circle, Hexagon, Heart, Cone, Basket, and Others
  • Custom

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