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Coconut Shade Sails

Coconut Shade Sails

Coconut Shade Sails
Description Product

Coconut shade sails, crafted from durable UV-resistant materials, provide versatile outdoor sun protection in spaces like gardens and patios. With customizable shapes and a natural aesthetic, they not only shield against UV rays but also ensure proper ventilation, reducing heat buildup. Their durability and resistance to mold, mildew, and fading make them a lasting solution, combining functionality with an appealing touch for outdoor environments.

These sails go beyond practicality, enhancing the visual allure of outdoor spaces. Whether triangular, rectangular, or square, coconut shade sails, tailored to fit specific needs, contribute to the overall ambiance of gardens, patios, and recreational areas. In summary, coconut shade sails offer both practical and aesthetic benefits, creating comfortable shaded spaces while adding a touch of natural charm to outdoor environments.

Used For

Coconut Shade Sails are used for a variety of applications, including:

  • Sun Protector : The primary purpose of coconut shade sails is to offer effective protection from the sun. The fabric used in these sails is designed to block a significant amount of harmful UV rays, creating a shaded area underneath.
  • Versatility : Available in various shapes and sizes, including triangles, rectangles, and squares, coconut shade sails are versatile and suitable for different outdoor spaces. Common applications include gardens, patios, playgrounds, and swimming pool areas.
  • Aesthetic Appeal : Coconut shade sails often come in a natural color or texture, providing a visually appealing and tropical look. They can enhance the overall aesthetics of outdoor spaces.
  • Breathability : The open-weave design of the fabric allows air to pass through, promoting ventilation and reducing heat buildup underneath the sail. This feature makes the shaded area more comfortable during hot weather.
  • Color : Golden – Brown
  • Natural
  • Mesh : 1×1 cm
  • Shape ▶ : 3mx3mx3m
  • Shape ◼ : Custom (Width : Max 2 m , Length : Max 25 m)


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